University of Oregon

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BFA Degree

 Katie Lee’s "6 Shades of Grey" cafe chairThe bachelor of fine arts (BFA) program in Portland is the optional fifth–year of advanced study for students wanting to continue beyond the BA or BS degree, or transfer students wanting to expand on their design-related degree. The BFA degree program provides advanced undergraduate students with a full-time, one-year academic curriculum at the UO in Portland located in the Old Town historic district. The White Stag Block houses studio facilities, digital fusion laboratory, classrooms, library, exhibit and research spaces, and work areas for students and faculty members. An integrated shop and an output center for two- and three-dimensional computer numerical controlled production are available. Product design students benefit by interacting with students of other professional disciplines, such as digital arts and architecture.

Each student enrolls in combinations ofi internship, studio, seminar, and history and theory courses during the three-term academic year. An internship component of the BFA program gives students access to design professionals and direct experience at leading Northwest design companies. All BFA students will present their final projects at a year-end event.

Admission to the bachelor of fine arts program requires an application that includes a portfolio review of student's work, usually in the last term of the fourth year of study. Students accepted to the BFA program from schools other than the University of Oregon should speak with an advisor to determine how their credits will transfer. Prerequisites may require the student spend more than one year in the program. Students who have completed a comparable four-year degree in material and product studies at another institution may be admitted to the fifth-year BFA program. Such BFA candidates must satisfy the university's 45–credit residence requirement.

Product Design BFA catalog course descriptions

Product Design BFA Requirements *

*Students must complete a minimum of 220 credits, including requirements for the bachelor of arts or bachelor of science in material and product studies or its equivalent.

Coursework 42 Credits
Three courses in art history (ARH) 12 12
BFA Internship (PD 404) 12
BFA Studio I, II, III (PD 486, 487, 488) 18