University of Oregon

Department of Product Design

Student Work

2015 - PD 484 Senior Studio
Chase Holenstein, Blake Hampton, and Andrew Watson
User Interface Design


Shark Knife
2015 - PD 484 Senior Studio
Kelsey Foo
Injection Molding


Groovystuff Furniture
2014 - PD 484 Senior Studio II
Yichun Lu, Ian McCuiag, Ron Perkins, and Sarah Goldner
Furniture Design


LED Lighting
2015 - PD 484 Senior Studio
Derek Sackman and Shane Morris (Above), and Blake Hampton (Below)
Electrical Systems



Space Camel
2014 - PD 323 Advanced Design Drawing
Chase Holenstein
Sketching Skills


Fantasy Racers
2014 - PD 410 Digital Drawing
Bart Carrade, Sean Leyden, Tana Sollars, BA'14 (top to bottom left column), and Conner MacFarlane (right image)
Digital Rendering Skills


PLUM - Triple Beam Scale

PLUM - Triple Beam Scale
Interzinc Contest Winner 2013 - PD 350 Objects & Impacts
Tana Sollars
Digital rendering of scale design


Cellulose Nanofiber

Cellulose Nanofiber
2013 - PD 410 Experimental Materials
Zander Eckblad
Material samples


Traveler Pack

Traveler Pack
2013 - PD 240 Designers' Tools
Tana Sollars
Canvas and leather physical product prototype



2012 - PD 430 Computer Assisted Design
Rebecca Swofford
Digital rendered model and physical 3D printed prototype